WTH? (What the heck is it?) Sanibel beach mystery #1

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I was reviewing some footage for a blog post and I saw something that caught my eye in this short video.  I decided to make a little contest out of it.

I had the luxury of viewing this footage using very good editing software, so I eventually figured out what I had seen in this clip.

Now, if you try to watch this on your phone, I doubt you will see it.  If you do not change the quality of this video to the highest possible setting in the Youtube window ( the first adjustment in the right hand corner (change it to 720 or higher if possible).  If you can’t see it, forget about it.  Don’t worry – it’s just a little game for a sticker.  If you do see a little flicker of something as I did, give your guess as a comment on this post.

I will leave this post up until answered “correctly”.  Maybe there will be no guesses . . .   I have no idea.  What I do know, is that it’s worth at least one look.

Good luck


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