And Along Came A Spider – very long – Sanibel, FL (August 15, 2013)

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I have strange luck when it comes to spiders.  I seem to walk through their work a little too often for my taste.

Recently, Sarah and I were walking through the neighborhood late at night.  We usually don’t bring a flashlight, so we tend to walk in the middle of the street – of course . . . I walk into a spider web (“road”).  I can’t call it a web, for it is one single strand.  This strand was at face level, crossed a span of at least 40 feet, and I felt that thing for hours after having walked into it.  

Since that time I have been on the lookout for such a feat (a web strand crossing a long distance), and have gone so far as to pass under one (in my car), then back up and never find it again.  The light has to be just right to see them.

Until this past Sunday.

Sarah and I were walking the trails at the Bailey Tract (off of Tarpon Bay Road, Sanibel) and spotted the web-thread seen in the video below.  By my standards, this thread is short, but at a span of 25 feet . . . well . . . it’s pretty interesting . . . and amazing to us!

My best guess (and with a little research) is that the spider has made a  . . . “road”.  The thread is high enough that the normal traffic on the path would never disrupt it, so the spider could quickly move from one safe place to another without all the fuss of climbing over who knows what to get from one hunting spot to another.  What I did not do, was check for webs in each tree the thread was attached.  I will do this when I see another one.  I did not notice the spider either . . . again I will look harder next time.

Until then-

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