The trick is to enjoy the experience between cones

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Last night I visited with my mother, and we went over very old photographs that were needed for a special project which I hope all of you see in the near future.

I was looking specifically for a photo of my parents together – you know, in the frame . . . together.  Easy right?

Impossible. . .

I couldn’t find ONE picture of them together without one of the following “problems”:

1.  One, or both of the subjects are out of focus

2.  One subject is unaware that a photograph is being taken and is looking into the unknown

3.  There are other people in the shot  –  usually between the two subjects 

I was frustrated that I couldn’t find the right photograph.  It was like trying to find an “alphabet cone”,  and finding only . . .  jingles.

After getting home and uploading the “jingles” I was given, I discovered that I had something more valuable than what I thought I was looking for.  I found the picture below. Lots of questions came to mind.  Why the suit on the beach?  Where can I get a tie like that?   Pinstripes?  Is that indeed the beach I think it is?

I will never know the amswers. . . but I love the picture.  Does that make sense?

My point is:

If you only notice the alphabet cones, you’ll miss all the beautiful jingles between them. 



My father on the beach . . . in a suit!
Dad on the beach wearing a suit in 1974


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