Piles of shells on Sanibel . . . still (August 8, 2013)

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Sarah works at a popular retail store out here (on Sanibel) and hears the complaint “they’re aren’t any shells out there”  . . .   often.

Or, the comment “every year there are less and less shells”.


I took this picture just yesterday.  PILES of shells – literally!  The fact is, you never really know where the shells are going to be on any given day.  I’ve tried to calculate the winds and tides . . . moons and positions of different beaches.  Complicated equations and over-thinking might yield some outstanding finds here and there, but location changes are your best bet.  If you come upon a shell-barren beach (which you NEVER REALLY WILL), try another beach!  I visited four beaches yesterday, and two of the four were “goldmines”.  The picture below was taken at access one.

Happy hunting,


Plenty of shells for all!
Plenty of shells for all!



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