Public Shell Display – Sanibel (August 14, 2013)

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Anybody who frequents our beaches has seen shell displays on, or near the beaches without an owner . . . no guardian, gatherer, or arranger (artist).  

Artist and audience separated  . . . forever.

We have a name for the arrangements “left behind” – “PSD(s)” (public shell display(s)).  

PSDs are awesome!  A pile of “unwanted” shells is not necessarily a PSD.  PSDs are arranged, and care is shown in their displays (like the one above)*.  

We have seen so, so  many PSDs.  Some were elaborate, some very simple.  If you see a nice one, send it our way!

JB and Sarah

*the PSD above was found on the “mystery” steps along the path of Sanibel Access 1.  Whoever created this display . . . .  thanks!

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