The Donax Dance

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We took a walk on the beach around access #2 during a super low tide.  I was walking along the shore, right up where the surf comes in, just looking around at the sand…you know…shelling…when I suddenly saw a flurry of movement in the sand.  It took my brain a second to register what I had seen, so I had to back up a few steps and REALLY pay attention.  I was so excited to find that the movement I saw was a grouping of tiny Coquina clams (donax variabilis) in the surf.  Each time a wave came in, they would pop up out of the sand to feed…and as the water pulled back out, the little guys would QUICKLY burrow back into the sand.  Very cool to see this kind of action from a creature you don’t usually pay that much attention to.  I was able to film a short clip of them (my phone camera isn’t nearly as good as J.B.’s ;)..but it’s good enough to have captured this moment, so that we could share it with all of you.  Enjoy!


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