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Today Sarah and I were on our way back home (from town) and stopped on the causeway for  a while to watch the kite boarders.
As the wind picked up, more and more kite boarders showed up.  Eventually, the wind was a sustained 20 mph (giver or take), and we were truly amazed at how COOL this sport is.  Roy Massey (owner of Ace Performer – a business located just over the bridge that gives lessons on kite boarding, windsurfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking, as well as sales and rentals) showed up and gave us a little tutorial on kite boarding.

It was a pleasure to finally meet Roy (we see him paddle boarding ALL THE TIME), and we will sure be getting on one of these boards soon!

If interested in kite boarding, paddle boarding, windsurfing, or kayak fishing, visit during your visit.

Hope to see you on the water!



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  1. That is awesome. I always wanted to try Kite boarding. I did paddle boarding last year with a good friend when I was on Sanibel and it was so much fun.

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