The Sanibel Captiva Handbook was first published under a (slightly) different name in 1970 by John and Helma Reynolds, who opened the first travel agency on Sanibel in 1969.  In December of 1993, John died unexpectedly.  “The Book” (as we call it) died the next year.  In 2008, John’s son, JB Reynolds, and his wife Sarah felt that visitors could still use something as handy as the Handbook, so they revived and re-published “The Book”.

  Every year the Sanibel Captiva Handbook is updated and reprinted, so locals and vacationers can receive the most current information available.  Over the years, many changes have been made..some subtle, some more obvious.  Family favorites have been the recent addition of annual tide charts (obtained from NOAA) and a beautiful full-color shell identification guide!

   We are a small family company.  On the internet, our book is hard to find.  We don’t pay Google, Bing, or Yahoo for ANYTHING.  There are books that are out of print, long abandoned by their authors that “come up” on search engines before our Sanibel Captiva Handbook does.  You won’t find us by going to the Sanibel Chamber of Commerce either.  We played that game, and at the end of the day, it all boils down to dollars, not sense.  The Chamber produces a free publication that appears to be an Island guide, but it’s not.  In fact, it’s not even close.  If they filled the advertisement pages with real information, maybe then it would be a true reference, but no money would change hands, so that won’t happen.

   If we have the money to print the next year’s edition, it’s a good year.  And we always have a good year!

   We have been told countless times to sell advertising, and “make some money for your effort”.  Nah . . . that’s selling out, and we ain’t for sale!

   We hope our customers continue to enjoy our book, as we enjoy producing it!  We continue to receive handwritten letters, emails, and personal compliments about our book.  Those special letters, or comments, remind us how special that little book is, and why we aren’t motivated by money.

Love over money!

  The Reynolds


John Earl Reynolds
ohn Reynolds

 Helma Reynolds
elma Reynolds

JB Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds




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