Shell Identification Guide

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ponderous ark, transverse ark, calico scallop, coquina, kitten’s paw, broad ribber cardita, jingle, stiff pen shell, giant heart cockle, disk dosinia, channeled duck clam, yellow prickly cockle, dark cerith, buttercup lucine, slipper snail, oyster, rough pen shell, cross-barred venus, turkey wing, florida fighting conch, calico clam, mossy ark, spiny jewelbox, lightning whelk, banded tulip, fig snail, bubble, auger, apple murex, lettered loive, flat zig-zag scallop, horse conch, nutmeg, chestnut turbine, ribbed cantharus, tinted cantharus, button snail, worm snail, rose petal tellin, alternate tellin, sunray venus, florida cone, tampa top snail, sharp rib drill, painted egg cockle, periwinkle, shark eye, moon snail, flyspeck cerith, true tulip, wentletrap, false limpet, keyhole limpet, baby ear, alphabet cone, spotted slipper, pear whelk, crown conch, marginella, colorful moon snail, lace murex, angel wing, scotch bonnett, junonia, lion’s paw

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  1. Enjoyed your shell idenitifcation photos – great job – thanks for sharing. I have collected shells from Puerto Rico and more recently – from Florida. I’ve identified most of them and labeled and displayed them in my home. Sometimes I struggle with the identification process so web sites like yours are a big help.

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