Late October – Sanibel – October 29, 2013

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    This morning, Sarah and I walked from (Sanibel) Beach Access 7, to Bowman’s Beach.  As stated in previous posts, this walk is one of our favorites, and today’s was the nicest YET.  The temperature and breeze were a perfect compliment to the clarity and color of the water.  The shell piles were plentiful […]

Piles of shells on Sanibel . . . still (August 8, 2013)

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Sarah works at a popular retail store out here (on Sanibel) and hears the complaint “they’re aren’t any shells out there”  . . .   often. Or, the comment “every year there are less and less shells”. Nonsense! I took this picture just yesterday.  PILES of shells – literally!  The fact is, you never really […]

The River Water Blues

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Lately, there have been reported incidences of large saw fish being caught off Sanibel beaches.  While I have never heard of this before, I do know several people who have caught saw fish . . . but always in the Caloosahatchee River – which if you travel it far enough east, you will wind up […]

A herd of fighting conchs – super low tide – Sanibel beach access 6

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Yesterday, Sarah and I came upon a herd of fighting conchs who were “adjusting” to a super-low tide.  I was able to get this video with my phone. These guys travel together, are herbivores, have a trunk like a elephant and eyes – COOL!  They are called fighting conchs due to the fact that if […]

Mystery Mark on the Australian Pine – Bobcat, house cat, raccoon . . . what do you think?

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Today I revisited “Punky” (the fearless lizard from yesterday’s post).  She arrived at the same tree, around the same time, and watched me – watch her.  I attempted to feed her a mosquito I caught (have video of that for another post), which she denied.  Ok, maybe she wasn’t hungry . . . I tried. […]